Ecotools – Limited Edition Kabuki Kit

I love Ecotools! Not only because the philosophy of the company is vegan, cruelty-free and 100% eco-friendly, but also because of the incredible quality of the brushes. I have talked about another Ecotools brush set here.

This Kabuki kit is so cute and practical. There are 4 brushes in this limited edition collection.

IMG_2731In order from left to right: Buff, Bronzer, Contour and Conceal.

IMG_2734All brushes are synthetic and very soft bristles. Incidentally, Ecotools makes brushes with the softest bristles in the world! In the picture above you can see the density of the bristles.

IMG_2736The Buff brush above has the top cut straight and is perfect for applying powder foundation or even liquid.

The second brush is the Bronzer. The format is plumper with bevel cut, ideal for applying blush or bronzer.

IMG_2737The first brush above is the Contour. It has a tapered shape. It’s great to contour the face, the bristles are synthetic.

And lastly, the Conceal kabuki. This one has firmer bristles and close together. Makes it easy to apply liquid or cream concealer. The conical shape fits perfectly in the dark circles around the eyes and around the nose.

I’m a fan of the Kabuki kit. it’s smaller size will fit in any makeup kit. The bristles are very soft but hold their shape well and don’t have any odor.

In the Ecotools site they cost $ 15.00. But I bought them with 50% discount from a local makeup store.


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