Lush – Luxury Bath Melts and Bubble Bar

It’s fair to say that Lush is the best smelling store in the mall. You can smell its pleasant scent from afar. The soap products are all handcrafted and nicely colored.

Last year, Lush started campaigning heavily against animal testing, and this caused ​many people stop to think about it.

On my last visit to Lush, I bought two bath items. A Luxury bath melt called MMM (Melting Marshmallow Moment), and a Bubble Bar called Karma.

IMG_2719-001The price of Lush Luxury bath melts was $ 7.95 and the Bubble bar was U.S. $ 8.60.

The Lush Luxury bath melts in the MMM Melting Marshmallow Moment version is pinkish and cupcake format. The smell is sweet, remember marshmallow, strawberry and cotton candy. Once thrown in the tub, it melts slowly releasing cocoa butter and almond oil to moisturize and soften the skin. The water turns pink and forms a creamy fluid on the surface. After bathing, it is not necessary to use moisturizing lotion because the skin is very soft and fragrant.

Blush Bunny17The Karma Bubble bar version was created in response to customer requests, who loved the fragrance of Patchouli and Lemongrass. In contact with water, it forms bubbles and spreads an aroma that brings the spices of the Middle East. The essential oils fragrance lasts a while on the skin, but not as much as the Luxury bath melts does. This version is very relaxing!

Blush Bunny16

Lush Products are not cheap, but it’s cheaper than a day at the spa but is as relaxing.


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