Must Have Products to Bring on the Plane

During long trips by airplane, it’s possible to feel the effect that the dry air in the airplane causes in our skin. On long flights, this effect is worse. It requires specific care to maintain beautiful, healthy skin on the plane!

blush bunny

Lip Balm: It’s very important to take on in your purse and reapply it several times during the flight. Your lips get dried and they need to be hydrated regularly.

Hairspray: Inside the airplane, the frizz increases. The hairspray will help to control fly-away hair.

Hand cream: Just like your lips, your hands get too much dried during the trip. Reapply it every time you wash them.

Facial mist: It’s great to hydrate and refresh your face skin. It’s my essential product during trips!

Makeup remover wipes: If your flight is at night, do not sleep with makeup. Your skin needs to “breathe”. Wipes are more piratical than makeup remover in liquid or cream form, because it doesn’t make any mess.

Healthy skin on land or in the air!


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