Stila – Adventurous in Aspen Palette

When I saw this little makeup palette on the Sephora website for US$ 10.00, I put it on my cart right away! Stila has excellent products, but they are usually pricey.

The Adventurous in Aspen palette comes with 4 shadows and 1 Convertible Color, that can only be used as lipstick or blush.


The packaging looks like a little book, it is made of strong cardboard, with a internal mirror and a couple of magnets to keep it closed.


The set of colors is a bit unusual. The Snow Angel color is a grayed lilac, with a sparkling finishing. The Icicles tone is navy blue satin. The Glisten shadow has a golden aged tone and metallic finishing. And the last shadow is Ajax, black with golden glitter.

The Convertible Color is a product that works both as lipstick and creamy blush. The Rosy color is light pink.


The shadows are pigmented in general. I just had some difficult with the Icicles color, which I needed to use with a wet brush to get a better pigment. The Convertible Color is my favorite, it gets so beautiful on the cheeks and the lips.


Samples without the use of primer

This cute little palette is great to take on trips, because it’s light and compact. You can create a lot of looks!


And the Convertible Color on Rosy color matches everything!


Such a pity that it is a limited edition. But for this price, it is worth to look for it in other websites like Amazon or Ebay.


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