Stila – Lip Pencil in color 17

I bought this lip contour pencil some time ago at the Morangão, in a buy-1-take-2 sale. It was a stab in the dark, but I ended up loving it.


The color 17 is nude, almost in the natural tone of my skin. Its texture is very dry and it even bothers a little, but it makes the lipstick last a little longer on the lips.

Blush Bunny23

I usually use this Stila pencil before applying a clear, nude, or rosy lipstick. I like to do the lip outline and then fill, and then I apply the chosen lipstick over it. The lipstick color gets truer and its duration is extended.

I love this lip contour pencil, after all who doesn’t like a lipstick that lasts longer?

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