The Body Shop – Shea Shower Cream

I love the smell of the Shea Butter line that The Body Shop has. Have a review here of another product of the same collection.

This creamy soap is recommended for dry skin, its main assets are Shea butter, sesame oil and sunflower seed. Good moisturizers, right?

IMG_2590It comes in a 250 ml plastic bottle with dispenser in the cap.

IMG_2591Official product description:

Spoil your skin with a moisturizing, soap-free cleanser full of rich, creamy, skin-softening lather and a classic, clean scent. Best for very dry skin

The shea butter has antioxidant vitamins A and E to help protect and nourish skin. It also has organic sesame oil moisturizes and softens skin. And sunflower seed oil softens and moisturizes skin.

This soap cleans all the dirt from the skin, but it is less aggressive than most soaps, simply because there is no soap in the formula.

IMG_2592The smell is wonderful, the texture is thick and creamy, and it even feels like a moisturizer. When in contact with water, forms a soft foam. It does not contain soap in the formula – it is not enough to form bubbles.

The result is a hydrated, soft and fragrant skin.

It costs around US$ 8.00 at The Body Shop.

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