Tips to strengthen nails

Most women like to take care of their nails and use nail polish. That’s why they go to a manicure very often and they always know about new colors and new nail polishes. But if you want to have pretty nails, they need to be strong!

It’s always good to use foundation before nail polish. Even better if it has strengthening agents, like vitamin E and B5.

We recommend that you remove all the nail polish at least one day before using another one. This way your nails can “breathe”. And when you have to remove the nail polish, try to use removers with no acetone.

To make your nails grow stronger, it’s better not to remove the cuticles. Just use a specific product to hydrate them, which can be a cream, oil or wax.

And finally, to keep them strong, use gloves when doing domestic activities. Water and cleaning products might damage and weak your nails.




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