Urban Decay – All Nighter Spray makeup fixer

After reading some of the latest posts, my passion for miniature products gets even more clear! At the checkout line of Sephora stores, there are a lot of tempting miniatures. In one of my visits in the store I ended up taking this makeup fixer.

The mini size comes with 15 ml, half of the original size. In a plastic packaging, with a spray. It’s a transparent liquid with no smell.

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Urban Decay describes it like this:

“Hypoallergenic makeup fixer spray with an advanced technology that can be used in all kinds of skin and keeps the makeup in place for up to 16 hours. Into an exclusive partnership with Skindinavia, Urban Decay developed the All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray for consumers that need a makeup that lasts.”

The All Nighter fixer is just wonderful. I always use it in more elaborated makeups, when I have some party to go. It doesn’t keep the makeup intact for hours, but makes it last longer without touching up. I can’t say the makeup lasts the promised 16 hours, because I’ve never stayed 16 hours with makeup.

To apply it is simple, I spray with a 20 cm distance, about four times in my face and I wait for it to dry. And it’s ready, the makeup will last a long time!

The only thing whose duration can’t be extended is the lipstick, this one needs some retouching.

If you are interested, it costs R$ 79,00 in Brazil in the 30ml version.

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