Urban Decay – Primer Potion, Original Version

Primer Potion is the favorite product between the makeup experts when it comes to shadow primer. And it does justice to its fame!

This one comes in the old packaging with travel size, its new packaging is like this. I remember that this one came with a palette of their brand.

There are 4 tones available, Original, Eden, Sin and Greed. I have the Original only.


I use the “brush” to apply the product direct on the eyelid.


The Primer Potion Original is nude and with translucent finishing. Its color almost completely disappears after it dries.


Mist and concentrated color

It not only makes the shadow colors more vivid and highlighted, but it also helps in durability. Your eye makeup stays intact for hours.


Shadow without primer, eyeshadow primer

It is also ideal to hold the glitter on your eyelids, so the glitter won’t fall off.

The Primer Potion sure needs a special place in your dressing table!


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